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  • General Questions

    Where is Inside Inspiration based?

    Inside inspiration is an Australian owned and operated business and is Licensed to represent Insights Discovery® in Australia and New Zealand.
    Insights®, a globally recognized organisation has worldwide reach and operational capability. We proudly provide access to the internationally recognized Insights Discovery® learning solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

    A friend got an Insights Discovery® Profile at work and loved it. Can I get one?

    Yes! Please contact us to find out more about getting your very own Insights Discovery® Profile and one-on-one debrief.

    Do you work with small companies or just large ones?

    Inside Inspiration works with organisations or all sizes. We are proud to work with organisations and individuals that are interested in dramatically improving their results by improving the effectiveness of interactions between people. We provide customized learning solutions to assist large, medium and small organisations – even individual coaching. We focus on four key areas to improve individual, team, sales and leadership effectiveness. Whether you’re struggling with strategic planning, change management, building high performance teams, improving sales or strengthening leadership capacity, our world class assessment tools and our core team of Senior Learning consultants are able to help

    Is this the assessment that uses colours?

    Yes, our easy-to-remember Insights® system refers to 'colour energies' (Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue) as an aid to remembering the learning. It also provides a common language that helps facilitate learning, communication and overall understanding. But it’s not just about the colours. Our customizable learning and development tools aid in the transformation of individuals, teams and organisations. We offer a range of methodologies and instruments to assist you in your business development goals focused on our Insights Discovery® solutions. In addition to our world class assessment tools and extensive range of learning solutions, our core team of Senior Learning consultants are committed to work with you in designing exactly the right learning solutions for your organisations individual needs.

    I’m reluctant to fill out a form on-line. How private is the information I submit?

    We value your privacy. The Insights® website does not collect personal information about individuals except when knowingly provided by such individuals. When you register and respond to any request at our site for personal information (for example, your name and e-mail address), we will not disclose this information to third parties. If you have completed an Insights® questionnaire, your input may be sent to an Inside Inspiration representative near you for facilitation and coaching purposes, or to the person or organisation that asked you to complete the questionnaire. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

    Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, Inside inspiration does accept payment by credit card with a 2.4% Merchant Fee Surcharge to cover card provider fees.

    How does Insights compare to other personality style evaluation systems?

    The Insights® System is much more than a self awareness tool, and far broader and deeper than a psychometric evaluator. We offer both preference and capability assessment tools, as well as a core team of Senior Learning consultants, who partner with you to provide customized learning solutions that deliver positive sustained improvement for your organisation.

    As part of our learning solution, we often start with the Insights Discovery® Personal Profile. Empirical and anecdotal evidence gathered over the past ten years shows why Insights® has gained the respect and reputation as the preferred tool of choice for organisations interested in lasting, positive results.

    When compared to other assessment tools personality tests, the Insights® System contains several unique elements we believe are particularly helpful in positioning Insights relative to other instruments such as the Myers-Brigs Type Indicator (MBTI), DISC, Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator, the Birkman Method, and others.

    Visit Why Choose Insights® for more information.

    For a detailed comparison of Insights® to other systems you might be considering or have used in the past, please contact us


    Insights Discovery® Personal Profile Questions

    How accurate is the information I receive?

    After first reading their Insights Discovery® Personal Profile, many individuals respond with, “This is so much like me”, and “Who have you been talking to? How did you learn this about me?” With hundreds of thousands of Insights® profiles generated by Insights worldwide, the validity of the information remains exceptionally high.

    Those interested in a more scientific analysis of the validity and reliability of the Insights Discovery evaluator can click here to access the University of Westminster’s summary report on norms data, reliability and validity.

    How much time does it take to complete the evaluator?

    The Insights Evaluator consists of 25 questions which ask you to select a word pair that is MOST like you, another word pair that is LEAST like you, and rank the remaining two word pairs on a scale of 1 to 5.

    Allow yourself 15 to 20 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete the evaluator.

    The on-line evaluator won’t let me continue. What’s going on?

    The Insights Discovery on-line evaluator is a set of 25 four-word pairs requiring you to select a word pair that is MOST like you, another word pair that is LEAST like you, and rank the remaining two word pairs on a scale of 1 to 5. If the evaluator won’t let you proceed beyond a certain point, it is very likely you have either not selected a Most and Least pair (M or L), or you are selecting the same value for the remaining two word pairs (for example, giving them each a score of 3.) The evaluator will not let you proceed until each word-pair group is assigned a unique value of either Most or Least, or one of the values from 1 to 5.


    Insights Discovery® Accredited Practicioner Questions

    I’ve installed the software but it doesn’t seem to be working. What’s wrong?

    The software required to generate the reports is only half of the set-up. In order to utilize the report generation functions of the software, it must be used in conjunction with the HASP, which control the number of units required to generate the various reports. Check to make sure the HASP is installed properly via a USB port on your computer.

    I’ve upgraded to Windows 7 and now have Hasp issues.

    After upgrading your operating system to Windows 7, the Hasp may no longer be recognized. Windows 7 will install a generic drive that is not compatible to your Hasp to run on Discovery.

    To correct this issue, do the following:

    Begin by first removing the Hasp from the USB port on your computer.

    Next, Uninstall anything that refers to Hasp, or Sentinal in your Add/Remove Programs in Control Panel.

    After you uninstall any reference to Hasp on your local machine, you can then plug the Hasp back in, but use another USB port other than the one you had it in originally.

    If you’ve downloaded the most recent software from the Insights website, it will include the correct drives for your Hasp. You can confirm that you have the most recent version of software by opening Discovery and then selecting About Discovery, located in Help on the menu bar. You should be running Discovery version 3.5.1

    If you’re still experiencing problems using the Hasp after completing these steps, please contact our office.

    How can I connect with other members of the Insights® community?

    There’s a growing community of practitioners connected through the Forum section of the Connections website.

    Click here to visit Insights® Connections and click on Discovery Practioners. The third tab will take you to the active Forum section. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to post questions, exchange ideas, and get valuable tips, tools and suggestions for implementing various aspects of the Insights® system.

    The Forum is moderated by senior members and Insights® Faculty and is a great learning resource.

    I have questions about on-line resources and assistance available.

    Accredited Practitioners can easily access on-line resources, PowerPoint presentations, workshop modules, instructional aids and more at the Insights® Connections Website (For Accredited Practicioners only) . Remember, you need to register and sign into the Insights® Connection website. Registration is normally completed within 24 hours.


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