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Introduction to Insights Discovery® Colour Energies

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  • Get your Team on the Same Page with the Insights Discovery Team Wheel

    Insights Team Wheel

    Applying Insights Discovery in a team setting can help you understand your fellow team members and optimise collaboration and performance.

    The Insights Team Wheel gives team members an opportunity to better understand the behavioural styles of their colleagues in a holistic and visual manner. It plots the wheel positions of team members showing the “big picture and overall team dynamic”, highlighting their dominant colour.

    Benefits of the Team Wheel:

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Inside Inspiration Bullet Point

    Enables each team member to appreciate how their specific colour energy order sits within the team as a whole.
    Empowers team members to be more aware of and willing to contribute their unique gifts to achieve team goals.
    Provides an ‘at a glance’ view of everyone on the team, highlighting gaps or potential areas of strength and weakness.
    Explains where relationship challenges may occur in the team, ie. often between ‘opposite types’.
    Acts as a catalyst to encourage team members to get together and openly discuss how to improve the team dynamic.
    Increases team communication, collaboration and performance.

    A Deeper View

    Insights Team Wheel with Inclined Energies

    We can also drill deeper into the team dynamic to reveal each persons four colour order, highlighting the other energies they also have easy access to
    or 'inclined usage' of.
    This more holistic view of the team prevents stereotyping and may indicate areas of 'untapped potential'.

    Building High Performance Teams -
    Understanding the Strengths of the Eight Types in a Team

    Insights Team Wheel with Type Characteristics

    Overlaying the Team Wheel with the gifts, skills and contributions of the 'Eight Types' provides a powerful visual catalyst for discussion and strategies to improve effectiveness.

    Walking the Wheel

    Insights Wheel Mat

    During our Programs we get participants to 'walk the wheel'.
    They stand on their preferred and least preferred wheel positions and observe where their colleagues stand.

    As a group they then pick up the wheel and observe where the 'floppy bits' are.
    These wonderful experiential exercises integrate the new understanding and stimulate in-depth discussion around team strengths, possible weaknesses and areas for development. This provides a new perspective on how to best collaborate and harness the collective skills of the team.


    What our clients say...

    the impact on teamwork, morale and professionalism has been fantastic

    Exceptional strategy and perfect operations mean very little if a group of people cannot work together to achieve their goals. Insights is the best tool I know of to bring a team together and create synergy. Declan and Aisling have been facilitating Insights at our school for three years and the impact on teamwork, morale and professionalism has been fantastic.
    Canberra Montessori School, an Insights Discovery® and Inside Inspiration Client Jack Rice, Head of School


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